Thursday, April 7, 2011

Is Anyone Else Tired of Always Starting Again?

What I mean from this is working out, or dieting...or both. I've decided that Monday I will get back on the horse and attempt it AGAIN, for the one millionth time. uhh...

I know people say if you can do it consistently for two weeks it becomes a habit and a switch goes off in your brain that says, "Hey,I love working out!" Whatever. That seems like a load of crap to me.

People that love working out annoy me. I once had a girl say to me "Oh, I love Crystal Light."
*Correction, no one willingly loves Crystal Light. Yes, don't get me is an amazing product. One I use almost everyday...but honestly if I had to choose between Crystal Light and every type of sugary, fatty way you will find me picking Crystal Light. I guess you can say that's why I have to start at the gym again.

It comes down to this: I have to become the girl that is convinced she LOVES Crystal Light, that LOVES the gym, that I LOVE all the things that annoy me at this moment.

All of this makes me want to stop by Taco Bell ASAP. Um...Taco Bell. No skinny girl ever says she loves Taco Bell.

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