Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How Does This Happen?

As I was pulling out something to wear to the gym this morning I finally had a chance to go through my t-shirt drawer. Yes, it is what it sounds like. T-shirts that I lounge around in, sleep in, get dirty in...but never go out in public in.
As I was digging through piles of old radio shirts, movie promo shirts, tacky vacation shirts I realized...if I were going out in public, a gym no less, I couldn't wear any of these. And if I couldn't wear any of these in public what was the point of keeping them? Absolutely nothing.
It was time for them to get out. Out of the drawer, out of my bedroom, out of my house...out of cluttering my life.
Why is it that adults act crazy for a freebie t-shirt. Go to a ball game, or concert or a new business opening. If there is a chance a free T-Shirt...someone is drooling for it. I don't get it. One of the perks of being in my industry is that I was always the one giving out the shirts and the leftovers just migrated to my house. Time for them to find another home.
If I learned anything from "What Not to Wear" it is...if it is something you can't wear out in public...don't have it. That made me think of my underwear drawer. Oh gosh..all of those beautiful pieces...that seemed to have lost their beauty. Faded prints, strings hanging off the seams, ripped lace. You know the kind.
Why do I still have it? I never wear them, I just feel bad for them and let them take up space in my life. No more. Out they go. Don't worry...those aren't going to Goodwill. Those will unfortunately spend the rest of their days in a landfill somewhere. 
today was a day of purging embarrassing T-shirts and undies. I'm quite proud of my progress...just don't go into my garage or craft room. That is a different story.

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